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Total fantasy conversion of CK3

Godherja: The Dying World Mod is a free-to-use utility created by the Godherja Dev Team for the grand strategy video game Crusader Kings III. This mod is a total conversion of the base game, transforming it into an original dark fantasy world in which players can help save a world from doomsday or be its harbinger.

In Godherja: The Dying World, humanity wields world-shattering magic to slay their gods in ancient times, disrupting the fabric of reality in the process. The world is now dying and the last people are moving to the last lands of man.

A jam-packed mod

As a total conversion, Godherja: The Dying World Mod is a massive mod that creates an entirely different experience, only using Crusader Kings III as a foundation. This mod offers a rich and fleshed-out world with an original narrative. It features unique cultures and religions, interesting NPCs, and fresh gameplay features such as magic and adventuring. All of these contribute to an expanded sandbox gameplay.

This dark fantasy conversion features various systems like the Artifact System, complete with several unique artifacts, Coronation System, Duel System, and Magic System which should all greatly influence gameplay. Unique story decisions and events are available for factions like the Black Sun, Marchers, and The Eastern Legion. The map is beautifully handmade and is ready for future expansions. These are merely a gist of what the mod offers.

The mod introduces many new characters, regions, and religions which all have their own events and decisions. All nations in the world are playable besides holy orders, magocracies, and republics. Everything added has beautiful models and art that help make the conversion feel more authentic. As expected of a mod this massive, installation can be tricky, especially for players who are new to modding.

Should you play it?

If you loved the Crusader Kings franchise, but have grown tired of the vanilla and DLC content, Godherja: The Dying World Mod is worth trying out. It offers players a completely unique gameplay experience by creating a dark fantasy world with its own original narrative. Plenty of new mechanics are added and the models and art are well-made. Installation can feel challenging, but it’s worth it considering the mod’s size.


  • Unique world and narrative
  • Well-made models and art
  • Many new and interesting mechanics


  • Installation can be tricky

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Godherja: The Dying World Mod for PC

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